So I’ve spent some time today searching for inspiration for a portfolio site I’m planning to build, I wanted to find some great looking React sites and I have had plenty of luck finding them. I feel pretty confident I want my site's front end to be in react and I would love to have some sleek animation to go with it. However, I noted with some of the more fancy examples there was not much consideration for UX. The reason I note this is it’s a trap I could see myself falling into. I want to be conscious of this when building my site, as many of the examples I found had amazing visuals, however, the navigation was really confusing.

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I really want to create something that’ll stand out from the crowd and try something new (if I can). I can't deny my excitement about making this site, yes I know its fairly self indulgent but I really want to echo my passion for what I do.

So here are some of the qualities (despite some being obvious) I want to keep in mind when building my portfolio site.

Here are some examples of really sleek looking sites I want to note down for inspiration, these sites hold the values I’m looking for and the people who made them did a great job.

Thanks for reading I hope the developers of these sites inspired you the same way they did me.

Hi, I’m Steven, most call me Steve! I’m a programmer, musician, and artist. This blog contains various tutorials and posts related to software development.

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