So this week was a little overwhelming in all truth, however, its been a real growing experience. This week required my team to learn not only Rails but React too! This week consisted of a combination of stress and success, however, I for sure feel I’m a better developer because of it.

Some of the key things I need to work on coming out of this week is my testing process and my agile workflow. It has been the second project I have worked on in an Agile environment and it can be tricky at times. However on a positive I feel it is getting a little better each time, practice makes perfect after all. In regards to the way in which we tested our code this week, improvement is needed, one thing I have learned about using new tech is it can be tricky to test. It's hard to follow TDD when you don't know what it is your testing for, we found a great way to reduce this difficulty is to ‘spike’ (draft) a mini project using a tutorial.

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My mind is a little cluttered this weekend however I still want to do some learning if I can, one of the main new technologies exciting me after this week is React so I’d love to make a few new mini-projects. I have about 8 hours worth of React tutorials to cover so I hope to have some awesome stuff coming up, I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do.

This week I also had my first ever code review with one of the Makers hiring partners, it was intense having someone watch me code for an hour however I got some amazing feedback on my process. I have been thinking a lot about my ideal career after this week so I may make a start on creating my portfolio website soon and updating my CV. It's coming to the end of the course and I want to be top of my game so expect a lot of activity on my blog and GitHub.

So here’s a list of things I want to work on this weekend

I think this list should keep me busy for the weekend! I don’t want to make this list too ambitious as I know the next 3 weeks will be super intense and I do need somewhat of a breather! Just code quality/tech test week and final project to go, this is going to be a crazy month.

Thanks to anyone reading, keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of the rails tutorial, and in edition I hope to have a React one up soon also!

Hi, I’m Steven, most call me Steve! I’m a programmer, musician, and artist. This blog contains various tutorials and posts related to software development.

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